Python Web Development Libraries Tutorial

Python Web Development Libraries Tutorial

Python provides multiple frameworks for the web development. This tutorial covers five most commonly used python libraries which are used for web development. All the mentioned libraries in this tutorial are the first choice in certain project-specific conditions/requirements. Also, while trying to select the libraries, the developers interest (based on their queries and community support) is considered.


This tutorial is designed to compare the basic features of some of the most commonly used python frameworks. The target audience for this tutorial is −

  • Anyone who wants to have a basic understanding of Django, Flask, Pyramid, Web2py and Dash libraries.

  • Anyone who wants to compare different Python frameworks and choose the most suitable framework for their projects.

  • Anyone who wants to explore Python web technologies in detail.


Though there is no mandatory requirement for this tutorial, any prior knowledge on below mentioned technologies will be an added advantage −

  • Knowledge of any web related technologies

  • Python language

  • Developers/users who have previously worked on any python framework will definitely find it easier to understand