Python Program to Print an Inverted Star Pattern

When it is required to print an inverted star pattern in Python, the 'for' loop can be used. This helps iterate over a range of numbers, and print the required character in the required frequency, and the count can be decremented after every iteration.

Below is a demonstration for the same −


Live Demo

print("The value of 'N' has been initialized to "+str(N))
print("The inverted stars are being displayed")
for i in range (N, 0, -1):
   print((N-i) * ' ' + i * '*')


The value of 'N' has been initialized to 6
The inverted stars are being displayed


  • The value of 'N' is initialized and displayed on the console.
  • The 'for' loop is iterated over 'N' numbers.
  • The required character is printed on the screen.
  • Its value is decremented in the next step.
  • This is displayed on the console.