Golang Program to Print Pyramid Star Pattern

In this tutorial we will write a Go language code to print pyramid star pattern. We will depict how you can print the pyramid star pattern.

     * * *
    * * * * *
  * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *

How to print a Pyramid star pattern?

A pattern is shown above, and in the pattern, you can clearly see that 2 stars is increasing with increase in each row. The pattern goes like this 1 star in first row, 3 stars in second row, 5 starts in 3rd row and goes on.

We will use 3 for loops to print this pattern.

Example: Golang program to print pyramid star pattern


For loop as a while loop in GO language:
for condition {

   // code to be executed
   // increment or decrement the count variable.


  • STEP 1 − Import the package fmt

  • STEP 2 − Start the function main()

  • STEP 3 − Declare and initialize the integer variables, (row= number rows to print)

  • STEP 4 − The first for loop iterate through the row from 1 to “row”.

  • STEP 5 − The second for loop iterate through columns from 1 to row-1, to print a star pattern.

  • STEP 6 − The third for loop iterates from 0 to (2*i-1), and print star.

  • STEP 7 − After printing all columns of a row move to next line i.e., print new line.


//GOLANG PROGRAM TO PRINT A PYRAMID STAR PATTERN package main // fmt package provides the function to print anything import "fmt" // calling the main function func main() { //declaring variables with integer datatype var i, j, k, row int // initializing row variable to a value to store number of rows row = 5 //print the pattern fmt.Println("\nThis is the pyramid pattern") //displaying the pattern for i = 1; i <= row; i++ { //printing the spaces for j = 1; j <= row-i; j++ { fmt.Print(" ") } //printing the stars for k = 0; k != (2*i - 1); k++ { fmt.Print("*") } // printing a new line fmt.Println() } }


This is the pyramid pattern

Description of the Code

  • In the above program, we first declare the package main.

  • We imported the fmt package that includes the files of package fmt.

  • Now start the function main()

  • Next declare the integer variables that we are going to use in order to print the right pyramid star pattern in go code.

  • In this code the first for loop, iterates from 0 to the end of the row

  • The second for loop iterates from 1 to row-1, and prints empty spaces.

  • The third for loop iterates from 0 to (2*i-1), and prints the (*) star character.

  • Then we need to break the line after each row gets printed.

  • And finally printing the result on the screen using fmt.Printf().


In the above examples we have successfully compiled and executed the Golang program code to print the pyramid star pattern.