Python Program to Create a Dictionary with Key as First Character and Value as Words Starting with that Character

When it is required to create a dictionary with the key as the first character and the associated value as the word which is the starting of that character, the s’plit’ method, a dictionary and simple ‘if’ condition is used.


Below is a demonstration for the same −

 Live Demo

my_string=input("Enter the string :")
split_string = my_string.split()
for elem in split_string:
   if(elem[0] not in my_dict.keys()):
      if(elem not in my_dict[elem[0]]):
print("The dictionary created is")
for k,v in my_dict.items():


Enter the string :Hey Jane, how are you
The dictionary created is
H : ['Hey']
J : ['Jane,']
h : ['how']
a : ['are']
y : ['you']


  • The string is taken as input from the user.
  • This is assigned to a variable.
  • This string is split, and assigned to a variable.
  • An empty dictionary is created.
  • The variable is iterated over, and if the first element is not present as a key in the dictionary, its element is assigned an empty list.
  • Now, the elment is added to the dictionary.
  • Otherwise, the element is directly appended to the dictionary.
  • This dictionary is created, and is displayed on the console.

Updated on: 12-Mar-2021

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