Python program to compare two Pandas series

In this program, we will declare two Pandas series and compare their elements. Before we solve the problem, we need to import the Pandas library into our local IDE. This can be done by installing Pandas on our local machine. The command for installing Pandas is −

pip install pandas


Series1 = [2,4,6,8,10]

Series2 = [1,3,5,7,9]


Step 1: Define two Pandas series using the Series() function of Pandas library.

Step 2: Compare the series using greater than, less than, and equal-to operators.

Example Code

import pandas as pd
series1 = pd.Series([2,4,6,8,10])
series2 = pd.Series([1,3,5,7,9])
print("Greater Than: \n",series1>series2)
print("\nLess Than: \n",series1<series2)
print("\nEquals : \n", series1 == series2)


Greater Than:
0 True
1 True
2 True
3 True
4 True
dtype: bool

Less Than:
0 False
1 False
2 False
3 False
4 False
dtype: bool

Equals :
0 False
1 False
2 False
3 False
4 False
dtype: bool

Updated on: 16-Mar-2021


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