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Bad Design Is Not An Option

Robert is a prolific YouTube Creator, of Affinity Publisher, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer (Serif) and Other Design software tutorials such as Pixlr.  Robert is also a popular Author and Writer of SciFi, Romance, Thrillers and Pulp Fiction. He takes great delight in all the facets of Design and Art and writes for enjoyment and entertainment, and loves to explore other genres. Dragons of Sara Sara is a great fantasy story and Marriage in a Cold Climate is an old-fashioned drama set across the sprawling wastes of Siberia. 

Look for the courses on How To Write a Romance, or even how to Write a Spy Thriller. If you are more interested in designing the covers for your own books, and putting them on Kindle or other platforms then you will find Robert has or is developing a course to cover that activity. If you have. particular design need, just let Robert know.

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