Privacy Badger Alternatives

What is Privacy Badger?

Privacy Badger is an extension which you can use to prohibit advertisers and third−party trackers from accessing your content secretly. If any advertiser tries to track your activities, he will be blocked by the extension. The tool has been developed to block any advertiser or third−party representative to track your website. It also blocks ads that are not meeting with the user’s principles. There is no need to configure the extension or make any settings. The tool gives its performance automatically.

Why Privacy Badger Alternatives?

Privacy Badger has some disadvantages and some of them are listed below:

  • It may not show its effect for fingerprinting

  • Ad blocking may not be as effective as other blockers

  • It may not show its effect for fingerprinting

  • Some websites may not work properly

How to choose a Privacy Badger Alternative?

Privacy badger has many advantages and some of them are listed below:

  • Tracking cookies are blocked

  • Page load speed can increase

  • User interface is easy to use

  • Privacy and security is improved

  • Ads from certain websites are blocked

Top 10 Privacy Badger Alternatives

Privacy Badger has many alternatives and we will discuss some of them in detail.

Alternative 1 − ClearURLs

ClearURLs is an extension for Chrome and is an alternative to Privacy Badger. ClearURLs is able to remove the elements used to track your activities. It will work in the background and stop the tracking dine with the help of URL−based trackers. A contextual menu is also available which can help you to select track−free URLs. Customization options for the extension are very few.

Alternative 2 − TotalAV Antivirus

TotalAV Antivirus is an anti−tracking tool which has the ability to encrypt your browsing. This is the reason it is considered as one of the best alternatives to Privacy Badger. It also has an ad blocker which has the ability of checking the URLs that are tracking your browsing activities. The softer is able to block those servers through which ads are displayed or browsing activities are tracked.

Alternative 3 − PixelBlock

PixelBlock is another alternative to Privacy Badger. This is effective if Gmail is used on Google Chrome. There are emails that contain tracking pixels. These pixels let the senders know that their email is opened. PixelBlock is able to track and block these pixels. An eye−shaped icon will be displayed below the subject line in the emails that consist of tracking pixels.

Alternative 4 − Intego

Intego is an antivirus solution and a great alternative to Privacy Badger. The tool is compatible with MacOS and Windows systems. The tool has the ability to check malicious traffic harmful web applications, and fake websites. The tool is also able to block adware. If you want to use VPN, you have to go for an expensive plan.

Alternative 5 − DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials is another alternative to Privacy Badger. It has the ability to categorize websites on the basis of number of trackers which is being used to track your browsing. There is a scale from A to F on which privacy practices of websites are determined. One drawback is that you have to the tool can be used only if you change your search engine to DuckDuckGo.

Alternative 6 − NordVPN

NordVPN is considered as one of the best service providers which has the ability of hiding your IP address and location. This helps in making your browsing untraceable. NordVPN will always focus on your data privacy and provide useful search results.

Alternative 7 − HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS is a secure protocol which is able for transferring data between a browser and a website. The data is encrypted during this transfer. You can see a lock symbol when HTTPS is present in the address bar. HTTPS Everywhere is an extension which Chrome uses to encrypt data from an unencrypted website. It helps in improving the privacy and security of your data while you are browsing the internet.

Alternative 8 − Malwarebytes Browser Guard

Malwarebytes is a company that deals in antivirus software. The company has provided solutions to help its clients to protect their systems from ransomware and scammer pop−ups. Malwarebytes Browser Guard is an alternative to Privacy Badger and has the ability to prevent attacks by limiting the number of attempts of tracking your data. It also protects your data through an encrypted and enhanced firewall.

Alternative 9 − Super Agent

Super Agent is considered as one of the best alternatives to Privacy Badger. The tool is able to remember your preferences regarding cookies and apply them when you open a website. You just have to open the menu in the Super Agent and select any of the following

  • Accept cookies

  • Reject cookies

These cookies can be either advertising, functional, performance, or any other.

Alternative 10 −

There are situations when URLs are shortened and they can lead you to anywhere. is an extension for Chrome which has the ability to load the shortened link on a separate tab. is another extension which can be used to scan shortened links that are used for malicious browsing.


Privacy Badger is an extension which can be used to prevent trackers from tracking your browsing. The tool can also be used as an ad−blocker. Ad blocking of the tool is not as effective as its competitors. Browser performance is also affected. There are a few other disadvantages which force users to look for alternatives like PixelBlock, NordVPN, Super Agent, and many more.

Updated on: 11-Jul-2023


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