What are the issues in database privacy?

First, we need to know about database privacy and later we will go for the issues regarding database privacy and the security measures regarding the issues.

Database Privacy − It is nothing but the securing of data which is present in the database. Generally, we used to store a large amount of data in the database. For that important data to be secured we need to use some security measures like security firewalls, Antivirus, security encryption, etc.

Encryption − It means that the data or information is to be encoded. It means that the format of the data is not at all understandable by the third party. It can be understandable only for the Admin who controls the whole database who knows the key they can unlock and could read it.

Issues in Database Privacy

  • Nowadays all the networks are becoming more and more open to outsiders. So the information may be duplicated and it is losing the security and privacy.

  • Many IT experts suggested adding a few more security levels or layers to the existing security system. But they all failed in doing so.

  • As per the database security, the encryption secures or protects the data which is there in the database. Even if there occurs a data breach then also the data will remain constant with no loss of data anymore.

  • Not all the organizations are using the database encryption because they need to face some challenges while using the database encryption.

  • In the process of encryption, there may be a need to use the key and this process is called the Encryption Key Management.

  • It plays a major role in terms of database security or network security. When there is a loss of data present in the database then it is very much expensive for the data recovery.

  • Encryption is somewhat very difficult when there is sufficient or proper key management.

  • Good key management is very essential for organizations to implement database encryption.

  • The main thing in the management of a good key is that it avoids the disruption of data.

  • As the usage of encryption is increasing day by day then the companies have to maintain the encryption keys very securely. It is not only for key prevention but also for the loss of data.

  • The encrypted information is readable when the key is available to unlock it. Then only we can read the information which is there in the database. It can all be done by the administrator of the database only.