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WordPress is a great and easy WYSIWYG editor, facilitates users to write and publish their favourite posts Worldwide, using Internet connection. But in some places, it is difficult to get consistent internet connection that makes users to lose their contents and images. The *****ernative way is to use it offline for writing and when user post is completely ready for publishing, post it using connection. For Windows, “blogger” and “Windows Live Writer” is very popular and great offline blog editor, but sadly not available for Mac. Although for Mac, there is a great offline application that works similarly like windows offline blog editor, called PixelPumper.

Similar like; “blogger” and “Windows Live Writer”, PixelPumper enables user to compose, edit, and post their favourite stuffs. This editor is also useful for offline saved posts kept in draft, any time choose those posts for editing and uploading. PixelPumper needs Mountain Lion 10.8.2 or higher.

Download PixelPumper

Note: For PixelPumper, use “XML-RPC” to communicate with the site, but if user is using WordPress v3.5 and above, by default “XML-RPC” will be there.

Download PixelPumper from Url: “” and save it in Applications folder. Open it and enter WordPress credentials; Website URL, Username, and Password. After giving all credentials, wait for a while as it connects to the particular site.

PixelPumper exclusively works as WYSIWYG editor that means; it will work similar to the WordPress blog site – the typing style and photo posting way will be same as WordPress editor.

Main Features of PixelPumper Editor

Upload photos with Retina Display quality

It is an awesome thing for Mac lovers that they can upload their choice of photos to the website at high definition Retina Display quality. PixelPumper offers resizing option and default option both, user can use any of them to display their photo as per their choice. In default case, users just have to add photos as what they usually do and then PixelPumper will do the rest part.

PixelPumper is also there with easy drag’n’drop feature. Just user has to choose the image from their computer then PixelPumper will automatically resizes and uploads their featured image for them.

Add style to the text and header

PixelPumper provides wonderful and easy to use formatting features like other WordPress does, that means user can still provides layout and style to their text, header and images as like WordPress Content Management System.

Schedule and save the blog post

PixelPumper facilitates to schedule the post using date and time option, user can set the date and time at the time of publishing that makes easy for viewer to see their favorite contents with date and time. Users can also save their blog post in the draft section and publish it whenever they want.

One-click option makes writing sooner

Once user finished writing blog post, before publishing use “one-click” option to upload all images at the correct size, this also pushes the content to a new post on the hosted WordPress website.


PixelPumper has come up with lack of some important features, but its stylist and clean interface attracts Mac users, Because Mac users do not need so many advance features. PixelPumper is one of a few for the Mac.

karthikeya Boyini
karthikeya Boyini

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