Polymer - Platinum Bluetooth

It is used for interacting with nearby bluetooth devices using the <platinum-bluetooth> element.

You can use this element in your application, by running the following command to install it in your project directory.

bower install --save PolymerElements/platinum-bluetooth


Following example specifies the use of platinum-bluetooth element in Polymer.js. Create an index.html file and add the following code in it.

<!doctype html>
      <title>Polymer Example</title>
      <script src = "bower_components/webcomponentsjs/webcomponents-lite.js"></script>
      <link rel = "import" href = "bower_components/polymer/polymer.html">
      <link rel = "import" href = "bower_components/paper-styles/demo-pages.html">
      <link rel = "import" href = "bower_components/paper-button/paper-button.html">
      <link rel = "import" href = "bower_components/platinum-bluetooth/platinum-bluetooth-device.html">
         <paper-button raised>Get bluetooth device</paper-button>
      <script src = "platinum_bluetooth.js"></script>

Now, create another file called platinum_bluetooth.js and include the following code −

document.addEventListener('WebComponentsReady', function() {
   var mybatteryDevice = document.querySelector('platinum-bluetooth-device');
   var mybutton = document.querySelector('paper-button');

   mybutton.addEventListener('click', function() {
      console.log('The requested bluetooth device advertising a battery service...');
      mybatteryDevice.request().then(function(device) {
         console.log('Bluetooth device has been found...');
         console.log('The device name is: ' + device.name);
      .catch(function(error) {
         console.error('Sorry!No device found...', error);


To run the application, navigate to the created project directory and run the following command.

polymer serve

Now open the browser and navigate to Following will be the output.

Polymer Platinum Bluetooth

When you click the button, it will display a message as "The requested bluetooth device advertising a battery service..." in the console and display an error message, if no device is found.

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