Project Stakeholder Management


Here is a list of sample questions which would help you to understand the pattern of questions on Project Stakeholder Management being asked in PMP Certification Exams.

(1) Which of the following knowledge area deals with identifying people, groups or organizations that could impact or be impacted by a project that required building a 3-mile long bridge connecting two island cities of a country?

  1. Project Communications Management
  2. Project Stakeholder Management
  3. Project Integration Management
  4. Communication Plan


Hint: First para, Page 391, PMBOK 5

(2) Which of the following process would apply if you had to communicate with the project team members to understand their expectations from the outcome of their project?

  1. Manage Communications
  2. Plan Stakeholder Management
  3. Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  4. Control Stakeholder Engagement

Answer: C

Hint: Manage Stakeholder Engagement, Page 391, PMBOK 5

(3) Which of the following is/are required for identifying stakeholders:

  1. Stakeholder register
  2. Procurement documents
  3. Project management plan
  4. all of the above
  5. A and C

Answer: B

Hint: See Identify Stakeholders inputs, Page 392, PMBOK 5

(4) Which of the following is/are not required for manage stakeholder engagement process?

  1. Change management plan
  2. Communications management plan
  3. Stakeholder management plan
  4. Change log


Hint: Manage Stakeholder Engagement, Page 391, PMBOK 5

(5) Which of the following is not a stakeholder?

  1. Supplier
  2. Customer
  3. PMO
  4. Competitor


Hint: A competitor has no stake in a project

(6) Stakeholder analysis can be performed using some classification models such as:

  1. Managerial grid
  2. Johari window
  3. Performance grid
  4. Salience model

Answer: D

Hint: Stakeholder analysis, Page 396, PMBOK 5

(7) Which one of the following is the best way to manage stakeholders?

  1. Ensuring they don't get to meet outside of work
  2. Meeting all of them when a milestone is ready
  3. Keeping them informed throughout the project
  4. Sending them gifts

Answer: C

Hint: All stakeholders must be kept informed about the project progress

(8) The stakeholder engagement level where the stakeholder is actively engaged in ensuring the project success is known as:

  1. Leading
  2. Supportive
  3. Active
  4. Neutral

Answer: A

Hint: See Analytical Techniques, Page 402 , PMBOK 5

(9) Stakeholders engagement assessment matrix is used to map

  1. Current engagement level
  2. Desired engagement level
  3. Assured engagement level
  4. Only A and B
  5. A, B and C

Answer: D

Hint: The matrix helps map the difference between Desired and Actual engagement level.

(10) When is the stakeholders ability to influence a project very high?

  1. In the early stages
  2. Half-way through
  3. Depends on their role and position
  4. Just before final delivery

Answer: A

Hint: It becomes increasingly difficult to alter the course of action as the project nears completion.

(11) During stakeholder analysis, Lisa - the project manager finds that there are three new stakeholders that need to be added to the stakeholder register. She code-named them as A, B, and C. Upon further analysis, she found that A has already voiced concerns about the project feasibility, B is unaware of the project while C has been taking keen interest in the project and took an initiative to solve an impediment. What should Lisa be doing on a priority?

  1. Meet A to understand concerns and update issue log
  2. Meet B to inform about the project and know the feedback
  3. A, B
  4. Thank C for the support

Answer: C

Hint: A and B could affect a project because of their concerns or being uninformed. They should be met immediately.

(12) Stakeholder communication requirements are captured in:

  1. Stakeholder Management Plan
  2. Communications Management Plan
  3. Procurement Documents
  4. A and B

Answer: D

Hint: Both the plans capture the communication requirements

(13) Work Performance Information is an output of:

  1. Plan Stakeholder Engagement
  2. Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  3. Control Stakeholder Engagement
  4. Stakeholder Management Plan

Answer: C

Hint: See Control Stakeholder Engagement, Page 392, PMBOK 5

(14) Which of the following is/are not a technique used to manage stakeholder engagement?

  1. Delphi Technique
  2. Management Skills
  3. Interpersonal Skills
  4. Communication Methods

Answer: A

Hint: Delphi Technique is not used to manage stakeholders

(15) Which of the following must be included in a stakeholder register?

  1. Stakeholders family history
  2. Stakeholders hobbies
  3. Expectations from the project
  4. Communication skills

Answer: C

Hint: It is important for the PM to know each stakeholder's expectation from the project

(16) Stakeholder classification should never be based on the following category/group:

  1. Internal/External
  2. Aware/Unaware
  3. Optimistic/Pessimistic
  4. Supportive/Resistant

Answer: C

Hint: There is no such classification of stakeholders.

(17) What is the correct classification of engagement levels according to the Stakeholders engagement assessment matrix?

  1. Neutral, Resistant, Unaware, Supportive, Leading
  2. Unaware, Neutral, Resistant, Supportive, Leading
  3. Unaware, Resistant, Neutral, Supportive, Leading
  4. Leading, Supportive, Neutral, Resistant, Unaware

Answer: C

Hint: See Analytical Techniques, Page 402, PMBOK 5

(18) In an analytical process, what could be a sign that indicates the need of some actions or communications directed to manage a stakeholder's engagement level?

  1. The stakeholder talks less
  2. The stakeholder's current engagement level varies from the desired level
  3. The stakeholder is remotely located
  4. The stakeholder is external

Answer: B

Hint: Unmatched Desired and Actual engagement level is an indicator of the need to assess the expectations and concerns of s stakeholder.

(19) Stakeholder Management Plan includes all except one of the following:

  1. Scope and impact of change to stakeholders
  2. Engagement levels of stakeholders
  3. Stakeholders influence on project
  4. Stakeholders Compensation and Remunerations

Answer: D

Hint: Stakeholder Management Plan doesn't talk about compensation or remuneration

(20) Identify stakeholders is a part of:

  1. Project Communications Management
  2. Project Stakeholder Management
  3. Project Human Resource Management
  4. Project Integration Management

Answer: B

Hint: Refer to Process and Knowledge area mapping, Page 61 , PMBOK 5