Download PMBOK Guide 4th Edition


What is PMBOK ® Guide?

PMBOK ® Guide represents generally recognized good practice in the profession of project management.

How to download PMBOK ?

The new PMBOK Guide 4th Edition has been published on December 31st 2008. It is now available to all PMI Members at the following page −

PMBOK ® Guide 4th Edition

You will be asked to provide your PMI.ORG username and password before you can download your copy. Following procedure needs to be adopted while downloading your copy of PMBOK 4.

Windows Users

When you click the english version to download PMBOK ® Guide 4th edition this message will prompt like "The FileOpen system associates your member permissions to the publication" and prompts you to download and install the FileOpen Adobe Reader plug-in.

This step is required for first−time use only. Click Yes to begin installation of the Adobe Reader plug−in." Then after successfull installing Fileopen plugin, close the window and go back and download but you need to be a PMI member to access.

Mac Users

MACs use Safari, which opens PDFs in the browser. That cannot work if security and other advanced functions are imbedded in the PDF. That requires a full version of PDF Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed.

Here is the APPLE support comment on reading PDFs with Safari. Adobe PDFViewer for Mac OS X will not run correctly on a system that doesn't meet the following requirements−

  • Safari browser

  • Mac OS X v10.3 and later

Adobe recommends Mac OS X version 10.3.4 and later and Safari version 1.2.3 (which comes with Mac OS X v10.3.5) and later.