Project Integration Management

Here is a list of sample questions which would help you to understand the pattern of questions on Project Integration Management being asked in PMP Certification Exams.

(1) A planning method, which provides details of the work to accomplish, but also provide some preliminary description of the work to be done in later phases is called −

  • Expert Judgment

  • Rolling wave

  • Strategic

  • Operational

Answer − B

Hint − In Rolling wave, high level plan is made and detailed plans are made for activities just a little before they have to be executed.

(2) What is the term used for the area that entails processes and activities that define, combine, unify and coordinate the processes and project activities carried out within the various Project Management Process Groups?

  • Project Integration Management

  • Strategic Management

  • Operations Management

  • Project Process Management

Answer − A

Hint − See Project Integration Management definition, Page 63, PMBOK 5

(3) When Integration is used under Project Management, it includes all of the following activities except for.

  • Unification

  • Consolidation

  • Communication

  • Review

Answer − D

Hint − Refer First para, Page 63, PMBOK 5

(4) One of the initial project documents, issued by senior management, which outlines the authority of the project manager, is called Project charter. As a seller, what other document can be used in this place −

  • Work breakdown structure

  • Project scope

  • Contract

  • Internal memo

Answer − C

Hint − A Contract authorizes work for a seller

(5) During the planning development process, at times it is necessary to make certain assumptions to enhance the project plan when the data is not available. In regard to making those assumptions, which one of the following is most true for project planning purposes?

  • The assumptions will be considered as true, real, or certain.

  • By making the assumption, it tends to reduce the project risk.

  • Project assumptions are based upon historical data used for the project.

  • Senior management predefines the budget constraints.

Answer − A

Hint − Project scope statement− Assumptions, Page 124, PMBOK 5

(6) A project planning methodology is any structured approach used to guide the project team during development of the project plan. What is an example of this methodology?

  • Standard forms or templates.

  • Upper management involvement

  • Functional work authorizations

  • Stakeholders skills

Answer − A

Hint − Use of predefined templates helps achieve standardization in processes

(7) Ahmar, a project manager in a construction company has been authorized to apply the organizational resources to project activities. The authorization comes in the form of.

  • Project Management Plan

  • Project Charter

  • Justifications

  • Memos

Answer − B

Hint − Project Charter authorized the manager to obtain access to resources

(8) The process of defining, preparing and organizing all subsidiary plans along with integrating them into the comprehensive project plan is known as.

  • Develop Project Charter

  • Develop Project Management Plan

  • Project Process Groups

  • Strategic Management

Answer − B

Hint − Refer Sec 4.2, Page 72, PMBOK 5

(9) The project closing process is essential to overall project planning. What is considered one of the most important steps in closing the project?

  • Insuring that plans are produced to implement the project by phases.

  • Issuing work orders so that financial data can be collected.

  • Transition the lease of equipment to the owner

  • Satisfying the contractual obligations

Answer− D

Hint − All the requirements must be fulfilled before the closing process

(10) Each project phase is marked by completion of one or more−

  • Tasks.

  • Milestones

  • Deliverables

  • Life cycles

Answer − C

Hint − Some deliverables are produced as outputs from processes performed to complete project work.

(11) Abdullah, a project engineer is working on an IT project that requires him to direct the project activities and initiate the approved changes in the project work. He is executing which activity of the Project Integration Management Process.

  • Monitor and Control Project Work

  • Perform Integrated Change Control

  • Direct and Manage Project Work

  • Develop Project Management Plan

Answer − C

Hint − Direct and Manage Project Work, Page 79, PMBOK 5

(12) A project manager in a construction company identified the project activities that were not giving output as per the performance goals outlined in the project management plan. The finding is the result of −

  • Monitor and Control Project Work

  • Direct and Manage Project Work

  • Develop Project Charter

  • Devising of Project Management Plan.

Answer − A

Hint − Monitor and Control Project Work, Page 86, PMBOK 5

(13) Murli, a project manager in a Telecom Company got all the project related information listed and improvised in the Organizational Process Assets (OPA) along with its communication across the organization. The process undertaken by him is known as −

  • Monitoring and Controlling Project Work

  • Closing Project or Phase

  • Perform Integrated Change Control

  • Directing and Managing Project Work

Answer − C

Hint − Refer to Perform Integrated Change Control, Page 94, PMBOK 5

(14) Rahim, a project manager on a Distribution and Logistic Project is devising a cost estimate for a contingency plan. He will resort to integration of the following except for −

  • Cost Management Plan

  • Project Schedule

  • Risk Register

  • Stakeholder Register

Answer − D

Hint − Cost estimate doesn't require a stakeholder register

(15) A project management team working on a manufacturing and materials project complete it on time by undertaking the following activities under the project management plan except for −

  • Cost Management

  • Time Management

  • Performance of Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Scope Management

Answer − C

Hint − Corporate Social Responsibility isn't related with project management

(16) For the developing a project charter of an IT project, the project manager utilized various inputs for it that exclude?

  • Project statement of work

  • Organizational Process Assets

  • Enterprise Environmental Factors

  • Schedule forecasts

Answer − D

Hint − Schedule comes into picture quite later

(17) Rahim, a project manager in a manufacturing company has devised the project management plan for a project on construction of company premises. The project management plan that will guide project execution and control has been developed on the basis of the following inputs but.

  • Project Charter

  • Work Performance Information

  • Outputs from other processes

  • Enterprise Environmental Factors

Answer − B

Hint − Work Performance Information comes as a result of validate scope process

(18) A project manager is directing and managing a project. While doing that, he is utilizing some tools and techniques. The tools and techniques guiding him do not include.

  • Change Control Tools

  • Expert Judgement

  • Project Management Information system

  • Meetings

Answer − A

Hint − Change Control Tools are used in Perform Integrated Change Control process

(19) While directing and managing a project, the activities undertaken by the project manager got the following output that excludes.

  • Work Performance Data

  • Change Log

  • Change Requests

  • Deliverables

Answer − B

Hint − Change log is an output of Perform Integrated Change Control process

(20) Monitor and Control Project Work is a process that utilizes various inputs for detecting and correcting the shortcomings in any of the areas to ensure achievement of the goals of the project. Which of the following inputs is used for the process?

  • Agreements

  • Approved Change Requests

  • Validated Changes

  • Accepted Deliverables

Answer − C

Hint − See Monitor and Control Project Work inputs, Page 65, PMBOK 5