Phalcon - Routing


The router component allows to define routes that are mapped to the controllers or handlers that should receive the request. A router parses a URI as per the information received.

Every router in the web application has two modes −

  • MVC mode
  • Match-only mode

The first mode is ideal for working with MVC applications. Following is the syntax to define a route in Phalcon.

$router = new Router();  

// Define a route 

      "controller" => "<controller-name>", 
      "action"     => "<action-name>", 


For searching a category, let us create a route in routes.php of config folder.


Consider creating a route which will call a method login as we invoke “UsersController”. In such a case, it is suggested to create a route which maps the given URL.


$router = new Phalcon\Mvc\Router();  

$router->add('/login', array( 
   'controller' => 'users', 
   'action' => 'login', 
return $router; 


The code will produce the following output −

Output Code