Personal Branding - Promote Your Brand


“Promote your strengths.

Remind the world why you are special and

why it is special to do business with you.”

– Mary Schnack

How to Promote Your Brand?

Promoting your brand is another big question that you need to seriously consider.

Promote Your Brand

However, in today’s technological world, personal branding is not a big deal, provided you follow the following steps −

Step 1

  • Consider Yourself as a Brand − Start considering yourself as a brand, it will give you confidence.

  • Prepare Your Toolkit − Your profile, portfolio with pictures, messages, etc.

  • Plan Your Strategy − Based on your toolkit, develop your strategy.

Step 2

Decide Your Medium of Promotion − This is a very important aspect that you need to consider - which mediums you want to use for your branding. For example: Self promotions, events, print media, electronic media, etc.

Make Your Online Presence − There are various social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. where you can create your fascinating profile.

Online Presence

Develop Your Website − Having an own website with detailed portfolio is one of the best ways of personal branding. Google can easily crawl your name through your website.

Update Your Website Regularly − Updating the website is another important aspect of self-branding. Articles and blog posting is the easiest tool that has potential enough to increase traffic on your website.

Emailing − Draft a very nice, authentic, small, but clear message and email it to all those people who can be beneficial for you.

Share Your Updates − On all social media websites, share your updates including pictures, messages, tweets, and other professional updates. But before posting your updates, be careful – your messages and pictures have to be professional and of good quality.

Join Online Forum − Join an online forum, which is linked to your profession.

Acknowledge Others Comments − It will help you improve your strategy.

Step 3

Find Out Your Target Audience − Discover people interested in your profession; connect with them online, if possible offline as well.

Attend Events and Seminar − Attend all events and seminars of your interest, meet with different people, and give them your business card. It will greatly help improve your social networking.

Organize Local Events − If your position is a little strong and you can afford an event; organize it. Select a nice theme, promote your event almost a month in advance through social media website as well as print media. It is unlimited and very effective source of personal branding.

Select Your Clothing − Your personal style, sense of dressing, and body language are extremely important. Therefore, select the clothing that best represents you. Further, be courteous enough to convince others.