Personal Branding - Media Attention

“You can earn attention by creating something interesting

and valuable and then publishing it online for free.”

– David Meerman Scott

How to Get Free Media Attention?

Getting media’s attention can make you an apparent brand in your profession. Having your name published in a national newspaper/magazine and/or being aired on TV, can make you popular instantly. Grabbing people’s attention through media can definitely kick start your profession.

But how to get free media attention is a big deal. The following tips though not foolproof may help you get free media attention −

Step 1

Research Topics of Relevance − First you need to research the relevant topics (related to your profession), which is the point of attraction for the media.

Step 2

Collect the Detailed Information − Once you come to know the topic in news, collect detailed information on the same.

Step 3

Publish on Web − Write a couple of articles and blogs on the same topic giving detailed information with references. Promote your write-up through social media websites.

Step 4

Collect List of Media − Make a list of TV channels who are covering news on the same topic. Write to all of them about your views on the same topic and substantiate yourself with a few reliable links. Discuss some points, those either ignored or no one paid attention to. Possible, many of them will ignore your email. But it is also possible some of them might pay attention.

Being patient and waiting for a breakthrough is essential. Once you and your work is under the media radar, your growth will be exponential.

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