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The exponential increment of the human population is increasing the demand for natural resources to use in regular life. Natural resources are the key factors that are used for the development of the human lifestyle. Natural resources are inherently occurring materials that are beneficial to humans or could be helpful under possible technological, financial or social circumstances or collections drawn from the world, reserves such as edibles, construction and metals, water and others. In this tutorial, different classes of natural resources, their significance, utility, and standards are available.

Information Regarding People's Natural Resources

One of the important clauses regarding the natural resources which are vital for controlling a more sustainable tomorrow is to reduce human population growth. Due to the development of t potential framework, scientists can perform to mature technologies that can be utilised to solve difficulties wisely.

Different activities of human life are completely dependable on the different natural resources such as coal, petroleum, forests, wildlife, and water. The national laws and actions for environmental security imply that human needs to save the environment.

Most of the time, cleaner energy conceptions decrease pollution and emissions of greenhouse gas. Citizens can transform their behaviour to decrease the influence they have on the world by instructing products that are delivered sustainably. Deforestation is one of the difficult issues for human life to make a sustainable life. Based on the present circumstances, human beings need to plant more trees to get the appropriate amount of oxygen in the future. Earth contains life and all of the essential requirements for species to endure

Available sources of natural resources

Figure 1: Available sources of natural resources

Classification of Natural Resources

The followings are the two major classifications of natural resources based on the availability of the sources and use cases:

Renewable Resources

Sources such as air, water, sunlight, and others are always available and can be recovered as enough sustainable amount from the particular never-ending sources is known as Renewable Resources.

As animals follow the reproductive system to deliver new ones as the replacement of adults, it can be considered a renewable resource. Sources that emanate from living items such as animals and trees are known as Organic Renewable Resources. Wind, water, and sunlight are the prominent supplies of different resources (, 2022).

However, as these originated from different non-living sources, these are known as the Inorganic Renewable Resources.

Non-Renewable Resources

Different sources of natural resources that cannot be replaced with other resources and cannot be recovered in a sustainable amount after a certain time are declared as non-renewable Resources. Fossil fuels and minerals can be regarded as the best examples of these resources as they form naturally by completing a cycle of the process. The process can endure thousands of years to form the resources, making them non-renewable. Non-renewable resources are more crucial as they will be ended to serve after a period, where human needs to develop renewable sources as their alternative.

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Figure 2: Renewable and Non-Renewable natural resources

Available Sources of Natural Resources

Resources delivered by nature and used for the development of human life are known as natural resources. The followings are the categorisation of natural resources:


Trees are the primary resources for delivering oxygen and make purification of the air to reduce pollution.


70% of the Planet is discovered in water and only 2 % of the available water is fresh. Industries to enlighten and control the usefulness of water should be handled.


The particles and nutrients are available in an efficient amount in the soil. The presence of the different minerals can be regarded as a resource from the soil.


Delivering clean air, and preserving ecological sources is the presentation regarding the natural resources. Deforestation is one of the present issues that is restricting the availability of enough natural resources.

The available resources in the nature

Figure 3: The available resources in the nature

The Need for Managing Natural Resources

The most important factor of the natural resources are lying in the sequence of the availability in the near future. As the non-renewable natural resources are the key factor in the different activities that are holding supplement of electricity, petroleum will be ending soon. These are extracted from fossil fuels which are developed by completing a cycle of a long term process. Once the availability of fossil fuels ended it will be hard for humans to sustain different associated activities to be performed.

Importance of managing the natural resources

Most uses of the reusable items are helping humans in the development of different factors and helping nature. Less reusable items are constructing more damage to the earth by harming nature. Waste refers to the generation of pollution which is harmful to water, and air to supply the fresh items as natural resources (Npssbs, 2022). Additionally, the natural resources guide the program of activities connected to renewable and non-renewable aids.

Management of Natural Resources

Managing natural resources can be useful in the development of the environment and human life cycle development. There are enormous use cases of natural resources for daily life. Different renewable and non-renewable resources have great usefulness in daily life. Different organisations desire to spread understanding concerning the environment and promote actions and perspectives that lead to the preservation of the environment and biological resources for the development of human life activities. Awareness regarding the bothers caused by unthinkingly controlling resources holds a recent phenomenon in society (Ncert.nic, 2022). Additionally, once this understanding rises, some motion is usually handled to control the wastage.

Renewable natural resources

Figure 4: Renewable natural resources


In this tutorial, the importance of natural resources to people has been discussed with their availability of them in the future. Reusing some of the items are the best possible ways to generate the items that are environmentally friendly to safe available resources. Managing the resources would not only guarantee their rational usefulness but correspondingly put a limitation on the degradation it is rendering to the environment. The best way to diminish waste is by not constructing waste. One of the vital factors that are engaging in the constriction of the waste is using plastics and other non-recyclable items.


Q1.What are the essential natural resources?

The availability of the non-renewable and renewable sources that originated from the different ranges of sources and are used in the regular human life development are the natural resources. Distribution is the most important factor of natural resources.

Q2.What are the use cases of natural resources?

Minerals, soils, water, and different products that are used in the sustainable regular lifestyle for human beings are regarded as the use cases of natural resources.

Q3.How human beings are dependable on the usefulness of natural resources?

Clean air is a vital factor for humans and animals to live on the earth. It is necessary to intake oxygen from the air to survive.

Q4.Will recycling save the availability of natural resources?

Recycling protects trees and water by delivering different forms of natural resources. Growing up tress will help in managing using less energy and less use of the non-renewable energies.



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