Distinguish between inexhaustible and exhaustible natural resources.

(a) Inexhaustible natural resource is a resource that never runs out or gets depleted.  They are mostly the naturally occurring resources hence they reappear naturally. These resources can be regenerated and can be utilized efficiently. The resources are available all over the world and they are easy to access.

Inexhaustible natural resources include wind, sun, solar energy, tides, and geothermal energy.

 (b) Exhaustible resources are those sources of energy, which will deplete and exhaust after a few hundred years. If all the exhaustible natural resources are exhausted by human activities then survival of living beings would be impossible. Fossil fuels are a very important source of energy for us today. On burning fossil fuel, it gives off heat and light. The heat produced can be used to cook food or to run engines such as automobile engines. It is also used to generate electricity as in powerhouse where the most common fuel used is coal.

Coal, petroleum, etc. are the exhaustible sources of energy.


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Updated on: 17-Mar-2023


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