Which of the following things in the following list is non-living?
Plough, Mushroom, Sewing Machine, Radio, Boat, Water Hyacinth, Earthworm

From the above-mentioned list, the following are the nonliving things:

Plough, Sewing machine, Radio, Boat.

  • Food gives plants and animals sustenance and energy. Living creatures react to environmental changes when stimulated. Peacocks dance when they see monsoon rain.
  • Children become adults. Puppy to the dog, kitten to cat, sunflower seed to plant.
  • Humans, birds, and insects travel for food, protection, activities, etc.
  • Breathing converts food into energy for survival. Living beings multiply to generate their own kind and excrete to clear our bodies of toxins.
  • Living things age and die.


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Updated on: 09-Jan-2023


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