List the common characteristics of living things.

Living Things: Things that require food to survive, show growth, move, breathe, reproduce, excrete, and die are known as living things.

For example, Human, cat, duck, cockroach, ant, lizard, tortoise, camel, mango tree, rose plant, grape wine, etc.

  • Living things require food because it provides nutrition and energy to living beings such as plants and animals.
  • Living things respond to stimuli by showing a reaction to an extreme change in the environment. For example, peacock starts dancing in the monsoon season seeing rain.
  • Living things grow from child to adult. Example: puppy grows to dog and kittens to cat and sunflower seed to sunflower plant.
  • Living things such as humans, birds, and insects move from one place to another for food, protection, different activities, etc.
  • Living things breathe to convert food into energy as an important process for survival.
  • Living things reproduce to produce their own kind.
  • Living things excrete to get rid of toxic substances from our bodies.
  • Living things have a definite life span where they grow old and die.


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Updated on: 09-Jan-2023


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