(d) None of the above."">

Which of the following statement is or are incorrect?
(a) The seeds and fruits of some of the plants are dispersed by water.
(b) When the fruits are dispersed by an animal, the seeds present in them are automatically dispersed.
(c) The fruits of xanthium and urena" plants are covered with numerous hooks due to which they are dispersed by animals.
(d) None of the above."

Correct Answer(d) None of the above.


Seed dispersal means the spreading of seeds from one place to another. It can usually take place by natural means such as with heavy wind and water flow, and it can also take place with the help of animals.

Different agents responsible for seed dispersal are wind, water, gravity, animals and birds, and explosions.

Moringa seeds are dispersed by wind.

The seeds of balsam are dispersed by the explosion.

Seeds of coconut are dispersed by water.


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Updated on: 09-Jan-2023


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