Which of the following group of organisms are not constituents of a food chain?
  1. grass, lion, rabbit, wolf
  2. plankton, man, fish, grasshopper
  3. wolf, grass, snake, tiger
  4. frog, snake, eagle, grass, grasshopper
(a) (i) and (iii)(b) (iii) and (iv)(c) (ii) and (iii)(d) (i) and (iv)

Correct Answer: (c) (ii) and (iii)

Explanation: A food chain is a sequence of living organisms in a community or ecosystem, in which one organism is consumed by the other. The organisms given in options (i)  grass, lion, rabbit, wolf, and (iii) wolf, grass, snake, tiger cannot comprise a food chain.

Updated on: 18-Jan-2023


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