What are the important characteristics of Living Beings?

The important characteristics of Living Beings are as follows:

1. Nutrition- It is the process of consuming foods to carry out the vital functions of the body for survival.  

2. Respiration- It is the process where a living organism produces energy with the intake of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide produced during the oxidation of complex organic substances.

3. Movement-  It refers to the change in the position of a body part with respect to the whole body, by using muscles to move skeletal parts in relation to the core of the skeleton or in relation to the connection of one bone to another. 

4. Excretion- It is an essential process of the removal of metabolic waste from an organism. In vertebrates, primary excretory organs are the lungs, kidneys and skin.

5. Growth- It determines the size and shape of a particular organism over a period of time.

6. Reproduction- It is the biological process by which organisms give birth or give rise to a new organism.

7. Sensitivity- It is the ability to detect and respond to changes in the environment with the help of nervous and hormonal systems.

Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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