What are the different things that must be kept in mind while paying a visit to a museum in India?

When I was a school going girl, my father used to take me to a lot of educational trips whenever possible. These trips ended up being to some museum or zoo and likewise.

I remember being instructed by my father specifically before entering that place, some of which have helped me in the growth of my intellect too.

Carry A Notebook

Learning is an ongoing process. No matter how old we become, there is always a scope for improvement and advancement in one's preconceived knowledge. Thus, one should carry a notebook or a scribbling pad when paying a visit to a museum, as there is a lot of new information the place offers to us.

Eating Is Prohibited

Eating in a museum should be strictly avoided. This is because it may distract not only you but others also. You may unintentionally drop some food and it will litter around the whole compound.

No Cameras

If instructions say so, do not use still cameras. The flash of the camera may affect the material used in the showpieces.

Never Write and Scribe

Since museums are public property, we should not make them dirty by writing or scribbling.

Ticket Is Mandatory

There may be many occasions wherein you have to re-show the entry ticket you have purchased. To avoid being penalized, better carry it with you every time.

Never Try to Steal

Howsoever tempted one may feel on seeing those exquisite items, it is advisable to not engage in theft of any kind.

The museums are not only places to refresh your mind, but also a storehouse of hidden knowledge. One must pay a frequent visit to such places in order to gain more knowledge in various fields.