Visit a greenhouse if there is one near your place. Observe how they grow plants. Find out how they regulate the amount of light, water, and carbon dioxide to grow the plants.

A greenhouse is generally a glass house that is often used for growing plants in controlled conditions. It is known as a greenhouse because the heat entering the glasshouse becomes trapped inside it due to the presence of glass and thus maintains the warmth inside the glasshouse.

Such houses are used in lower-temperature regions to cultivate plants in a controlled environment. The greenhouses can also possess controllers like temperature, moisture, and light as per requirements to maintain optimum conditions for plants to grow.

Medicinal plants, flowers, and other high-value crops can be grown in a controlled environment in a greenhouse. Crops grown in a greenhouse are healthier and do better. The way a greenhouse is built depends on where it is and how far north or south it is.

The value of the greenhouse's solar fraction, which has been talked about in detail in the article, can be the most important factor in choosing one. Depending on what the plants need, the inside of the greenhouse can be heated or cooled in different ways. Drying is a common way to keep food from going bad. Drying crops, fruits, and medicinal plants in a greenhouse is another great way to cut down on postharvest losses caused by too much moisture.


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Updated on: 09-Jan-2023


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