List a few flight adaptations in birds.

Adaptations in Birds:

1.    Eyesight: Bird's eyesight is better than human's. They can easily spot potential prey or food grains from far. Few birds also have a bony ridge above their eyes which minimizes the sun glare.

2.    Feet: They have specially adapted feet and talons which help to catch prey. Few birds have spicules in the form of series of bumps on the bottom of the feet which help them to hold prey during flight. Few birds also have razor-sharp talons to grab their prey, kill it and tear it into its flesh.

3.    Eating: Carnivorous birds have sharp, pointed beaks to tear and eat the prey. They eat fish, birds, mammals, and reptiles.

4.    Flying: Birds have extremely large wingspans which allow them to utilize natural air currents. This conserves a lot of energy and they can stay in the air looking for prey or food for a longer time.


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Updated on: 12-Jan-2023


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