How many bones are there in the human skull?

Human Skull (cranium)

There are 22 bones in the skull. Including the hyoid and the bones of the middle ear, the head contains 29 bones.

The cranial bones (8)The occipital bone, The parietal bones (2)The frontal bones(1) The temporal bones (2)The sphenoid bone (sometimes counted as facial)The ethmoid bone (sometimes counted as facial)
The facial bones (14)The nasal bones (2)The maxillae (upper jaw) (2)The lacrimal bone (2)The zygomatic bone or cheekbone (2) The palatine bone (2)The inferior nasal concha (2)The vomer The mandible (lower jaw)
The hyoid bone (not connected to any other bone)
In the middle ears (6)malleus (2)incus (2)stapes (2)


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Updated on: 29-Mar-2023


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