Explain the movement of bones.

Body movements- refer to the change in the position of a body part with respect to the whole body, by using muscles to move skeletal parts in relation to the core of the skeleton or in relation to the connection of one bone to another. 

These movements are possible only because of Joints, as it plays a key role in the movement.

A joint is a connection made between bones in the body which hold them together and allow movement in two or more bones and link the skeletal system to function as a whole.

Different joints help our bodies to carry out different activities and movements.


The joints of the human body are divided into three main types:


1.Immovable Joints: These joints are fixed and fibrous and do not allow movement in two or more bones in close contact. 

For example- Bones of the skull.


2.Slightly Movable: Structurally these joints are classified as cartilaginous joints, as bones are connected by cartilage at the joint. It can be defined as two or more bones held so tightly together that only limited movement takes place. But, it provides less stability than immovable joints. 

For example- Vertebrae of the spine.


3.Freely Movable: It is also known as synovial joints, that have synovial fluid in the joint cavity between connective bones.which enables all parts of the joint to move smoothly against each other. 

For example- Joints in the knee, elbow, shoulder, hip, and wrist.


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Updated on: 06-Apr-2023


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