Draw a labelled diagram to show the construction of soda-acid fire extinguisher and explain its working.

A soda type of fire extinguisher contains solutions of sulphuric acid and sodium hydrogen carbonate in separate containers.
The working of soda type of fire extinguisher is described below:
A knob present in the fire extinguisher is pressed once and the sulphuric acid mixes with the sodium hydrogen carbonate solution to produce carbon dioxide gas.
The carbon dioxide gas is released as a liquid that falls on the burning substance because of the high pressure in the extinguisher. A blanket of carbon dioxide comes out with the liquid and cut the supply of air to the burning substance. When the supply of air is cut off, the fire gets extinguished.
$2NaHCO_3 + H_2SO_4 → Na_2SO_4+  2CO_2 + 2H_2O$


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Updated on: 16-Mar-2023


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