(a) State the law of conservation of momentum.
(b) Discuss the conservation of momentum in each of the following cases :
(i) a rocket taking off from the ground.
(ii) flying of a jet airplane.

 (a) Law of conservation of the momentum: According to this law, when two bodies act on each other or collide, their total momentum before and after the collision remains constant until an external force is applied.

(i) A rocket taking off from the ground:

 When a rocket takes off from the ground, fuel gases start burning in the rocket engine, and the gas with high velocity releases from the nozzle of the tail of the rocket with a large momentum downwards, in reaction these gases push the rocket upward.

(ii) Flying of a jet airplane:

When the fuel gases burn in a jet aeroplane, they release from the nozzle of the tail of the jetplane backward with a large momentum, and in reaction, the jet aero plane is pushed forward with a high velocity.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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