(a) Give an example of an oxidation reaction?(b) Is oxidation an exothermic or an endothermic reaction?(c) Explain, by giving example, how oxidation and reduction proceed side by side.

(a) Oxidation Reaction: The addition of oxygen or removal of hydrogen to a substance is called oxidation.
Example: Carbon is oxidised to give carbon dioxide, heat energy is released during the process.
$C\ ( s) \ +\ O_{2} \ ( g) \ \rightarrow \ CO_{2} \ +\ Heat$
(b) Oxidation reaction is an exothermic reaction as heat is released during this reaction (as seen above).
(c)$CuO\ +\ H_{2}\xrightarrow{Heat} \ Cu\ +\ H_{2} O$
$Copper\ oxide\ +\ Hydrogen\xrightarrow{Heat} \ Copper\ +\ Water\ $
In the above reaction, copper oxide is reduced to copper whereas hydrogen is oxidised to water. Such a reaction is known as the Redox reaction.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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