As light rays pass from water into glass, are they refracted towards the normal or away from the normal?

As light rays pass from water (rarer medium) into glass (denser medium), they get refracted towards the normal.


The angle of refraction or the amount of bending of light depends on the refractive index (μ) of the two media.

1. When light passes through a low refractive index, like air (here water) (faster medium or optically rarer medium) to a high refractive index, like glass(slower medium or optically denser medium), its speed decreases and bends towards the normal. 

2. When light passes through a high refractive index, like glass (slower medium or optically denser medium) to a low refractive index, like air (here water) (faster medium or optically rarer medium) its speed increases and bends away from the normal. 


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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