An aqueous solution ‘A’ turns phenolphthalein solution pink. On addition of an aqueous solution ‘B’ to ‘A’, the pink colour disappears. The following statement is true for solution ‘A’ and ‘B’.(a) A is strongly basic and B is a weak base.(b) A is strongly acidic and B is a weak acid.(c) A has pH greater than 7 and B has pH less than 7.(d) A has pH less than 7 and B has pH greater than 7.

Correct Answer: (c) A has pH greater than 7 and B has pH less than 7.

Explanation: Phenolphthalein solution turns pink in basic solutions. Hence, solution A lies in the pH range of above 7. On adding solution B the pink colour disappears hence it has a pH less than 7, then the pH of the final solution will decrease. Hence option (c) is correct. 


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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