A soil sample was taken by Boojho, from agricultural land and was weighed. The mass of the soil was found to be 40g. 80 mL of water was taken in a measuring cylinder and added to the soil sample. The soil absorbed 60 mL of water and the rest left in the measuring cylinder. Calculate the absorption rate of water by the soil.

 The absorption rate of water can be calculated by the formula given below

$ Absorption\ rate = -(V_1) initial\ volume\ of \ water$

$(V_2) final = \frac{volume \ of \ water}{mass of soil(w)}\times 100$

$ = \frac{V_1 - V_2} {w} \times 100$
Given, initial volume of water = 80 mL
Final volume of water = 60 mL
Mass of the soil = 40gm
Therefore, the percentage of water absorbed
$ = \frac{V_1 - V_2} {w} \times 100$
$=\frac {80-60}{40}\times100 \%$
$=\frac{20}{40}\times100 \%$
$=50 \%$
Ans= 50% of the water has been absorbed by the soil.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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