Salinisation of the soil can be caused by-

Salinization is the process by which water-soluble salt concentration increases in the soil. When the water in soils evaporates at high temperatures, salts are in turn drawn from the soil to the surface.This supply of water can be caused by flooding of the land by seawater, seepage of seawater, or brackish groundwater through the soil from below.


This may occur naturally, as some places are initially saline due to low salt dissolution and removal.

This may also occur due to improper management practices, and anthropogenic activities, particularly farming practices.


These salts are toxic to many plants and make the land unusable. Agriculture becomes difficult in such places where soil salinity is high.

Reversing the process:

Salinization can be reversed, but it takes time and is expensive. Soil salinity can be reversed by the following techniques:

  1. Improving the efficiency of irrigation channels
  2. Capturing and treating salty drainage water
  3. Setting up desalting plants
  4. Increasing the amount of water that gets into aquifers
  5. Mulches to save water can also be applied to crops.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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