A large concave mirror has a radius of curvature of 1.5 m. A person stands 10 m in front of the mirror. Where is the person's image?


Radius of curvature, $R$ = $-$1.5 cm

Distance of the object, $(u)$ = $-$10 cm

To find: Distance of the image $(v)$ from the mirror.


We know that, 

$f=\frac {R}{2}$, where, $f$ = focal length, and $R$ = radius of curvature.

Putting the vlaue of $R$, we get-

$f=\frac {-1.5}{2}$


So, the focal length is 0.75 cm.

Now, from the mirror formula, we know that-


Substituting the given values in the mirror formula we get-









Thus, the distance of the image, $v$ is 0.81 m.

Hence, the person's image will be formed at a distance of 0.81 m from the mirror.

And, the negative sign implies that the image is formed in front of the mirror (on the left).


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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