Organizational Design Tutorial

Organizational Design Tutorial

Organizational Design is a sequential method of identifying the performing aspects and liabilities in a system, so that they can be re-aligned as per the needs of the company in terms of the current goals as well as implementing new business changes. Organizational Design focuses more on improving the technical and interpersonal side of the workplace. Implementing an efficient organizational design leads to a more effective organization, a more focused workforce, and a workplace of better productivity. In this tutorial, we will discuss in detail about the advantages of an organizational design and how it makes a company more efficient and productive.


Organizational Design is mostly studied by entrepreneurs or by managers who have been newly appointed to their posts, because it gives them an insight into the workings of different departments, their goals and how to engage with them.


Before proceeding with this tutorial, you are expected to have a basic understanding of corporate hierarchy, how operations are run within an organization and the “Reward & Incentive” process of companies.