Online Marketing Efforts

As a famous proverb says, “what gets measured, gets managed”. Measuring online marketing efforts results in properly managed website and boosting business.

Properly measured metrics give you the insight of data and enables you to predict the revenue better. The following metrics measure your online marketing efforts −

Total Visits

Total visits is the swarming traffic on you website. It gives you enough idea of how well your campaigns are driving. If it seems to fall, you need to investigate the marketing channels. The total number of visits should keep rising in order to state your website a healthy one.

New Sessions

This lets you figure out new and recurring visitors on your website. If they are on rise means your website is compelling and informative enough to catch the attention of the customers and sticky enough to encourage the previous visitors.

Bounce Rate

It shows how many visitors leave your website without further exploring it. A higher bounce rate is a matter of concern. It should decrease as low as it can.

Channel-Specific traffic

It gives you source of origin of traffic. This helps a lot in deciding which channels are performing well over others.


The number of conversions measures the overall productivity of an online Ad. It tells success story of your overall marketing efforts. Lower conversion rate may be due to poor products/services or irrelevant visitors.

Cost Per Conversions (CPC)

It gives you clear picture of how much you are spending over earnings. It lets you decide what you should be investing in further.

Return On Investment (ROI)

ROI reveals profitability. A positive ROI means a successful and well implemented Ad campaign laid on plans and strategies whereas negative ROI is a result of bad offering and bouncing visitors. It is a matter of concern.

You must check these metrics on a regular basis. This will help you examine your website well and decide which metrics work best. On the basis of these metrics, you can work using right strategy to cover enough leads.