Content Marketing

“Marketing is telling the world you are a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one.”

− Robert Rose, Content Marketing Strategist, Author & Speaker.

Advertising uses the content to describe the business, brand, and business reputation. The content can be in various forms such as news, webpages, videos, white papers, infographics, podcasts, blogs, case studies, and photographs.

Content is what is sold or accessed on the Internet. Content developers create the content to provide the information to the viewers. It can be in the form of text, graphics, and animation.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing refers to the approach of creating and sharing of informative, relevant, valuable, and consistent content to convert a group of audience into customers and retain them. Content marketing is non-interruptive way of marketing.

Good content helps customers become more knowledgeable about the product or service and make better buying judgment.

Content Marketing

Goals of Content Marketing

The goals of content marketing are as follows −

  • Brand Awareness − It marks the presence of your brand.

  • Sale − It boosts lead generation at quicker pace.

  • Customer-Vendor Relationship Building − It helps in creating engagement between buyer and the company.

  • Customer Retention − Pleasing content attracts customers and helps one in retaining him.

Types Of Content

Let us see what each type of content gives −


They contain news about new product release, updates on products, etc. For example, news of releasing new mobile handset on website of NDTV gadgets.


SEO webpages can hold the content in the best possible way and sell the content.


They say, video is the second best thing to pursue a viewer in person. Creating crisp and compact videos can bring good market at doorstep. Promote your business videos across multiple channels, and ensure that your videos are optimized for mobile viewing, as an increasing number of users view them from their mobile devices.


These are long, vertical graphics or columns that include graphs, charts, statistics, and other information. Infographics makes use of the fact that 90% information transmitted to human brain is visual, which makes people perceive it faster than text.


They are digital files available in the form of episodes, which can be downloaded on the PC. They can come in various formats such as audio, video, e-Pub, and pdf. It allows people to subscribe and it can prove as a powerful medium to communicate a range of ideas, products, and information to audience. The businesses engaged in podcasting are − IBM, Oracle, Yarn Craft, etc.


Business blogs deliver excellent content marketing. Blogs are required for a business to survive in the race of content marketing.

Case Studies

Case studies are detailed studies pertaining to a particular problem, action, individual, organization, event, or action, existing at a specific place at a given time. They encourage content marketing to build trust in the product and in turn business.


A picture speaks a thousand words. Pleasant and relevant pictures can stand as a good content for content marketing and boosts the business.