Online Marketing - Impact, Pros & Cons

Online marketing provides distributes information about the business faster, anywhere, and anytime. You need to take wise steps to market your products and services for −

  • Attracting and retaining the viewer’s attention.
  • Convincing them to take beneficial action after viewing your website.
  • Building trust in viewers by providing quality products/service.

OLM Impact

Online business has grown immensely. There are millions of website on internet trying to reach prospective customers. Internet has reached every corner of the world. Nearly 80% of world population seek Internet for information. The market reach has expanded. Number of e-commerce websites have risen in a short span. Online shopping has become a trend. With online marketing, both business and buyers are getting benefitted.

The impact can be judged by rising numbers of tools and technologies to provide assistance to customers and measure the results. Billion dollars are spend on advertising on Internet. It shows the clear picture of effect of internet marketing on business. The impact of business promotion is overt as millions of marketers are making huge profits.

Pros of Online Marketing

Online marketing delivers better results and revenues than the traditional marketing channels.

  • Wider reach to the customers. The online business is not confined to the limitations of physical place. You can sell the products in any part of the country without actually opening outlets.

  • Immediate quantifiable results. Online marketing delivers quantifiable results immediately. You can measure every action from clicks, visits, sign-ups, and purchases.

  • Less business overheads. As the business is online, there are less overheads to deal with as compared to investing in offline stores.

  • Ability to track customer’s preferences. You can keep a track of the customer’s past purchases and preferences. This is very helpful to personalize the offers for the customer.

  • Customer Relationship. It helps in building strong relationship with customers in real time. You can maintain on-going relationship with customers by sending follow-up emails about offers, new products and services.

  • Customers’ Convenience. You can run online business round the clock without having to worry about work timings. On the other hand, the customers also can buy the products of their choice at any time throughout a day, without having to physically visit the shops.

Cons of Online Marketing

In spite of so many benefits, online marketing carries negative aspects too.

  • Internet Fraud. You may experience unethical and fraudulent practices in internet marketing. Fake trademarks and logos can be used unchecked. This may defame your reputation.

  • Ads Placement. It may clutter on a web page and this may turn the customer down.

  • Requires Special Expertise. Along with the fundamental marketing, it needs understanding of search engine technology, advertising techniques, content creation, and logics to master the internet marketing.

  • Inaccessible. It may not be available for rural areas. Also, elderly and illiterates rarely relish the benefits of shopping online.

  • Negative feedbacks about Products. They can turn your business down drastically.

The world of online marketing continues to evolve as advertisers, publishers, and technology vendors find innovative ways to handle online advertising in a way that is beneficial to viewers, advertisers, vendors, and publishers.

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