E-Mail Marketing

“Never forget social media is for reach but email is for revenue.”

− Bryan Eisenberg, Online marketing expert, Professional speaker.

E-Mail marketing is promoting your business by sending overt E-Mails and newsletters. It uses promotional letter clubbed with product and service details to deliver the business message to audience. It is cost effective method to convey your message to highly targeted visitors. Results of E-Mail marketing are quantifiable and measureable.

Email Marketing

Types Of E-Mails

There are following types of Emails used for E-Mail marketing −

Transaction E-Mails

You get these mails after you are done with any transaction such as buying a product. They confirm the business transaction with information such as cost per unit, number of units bought, total cost, mode of payment, shipping details, delivery time, etc.


They include information to keep customers involved. They foster relationship with customer.

Promotion E-Mails

They carry details of any promotional activity such as sale, new offers, etc.

E-Mail marketing being cost-efficient and measurable, needs strategic planning and creative execution of campaign. You need to personalize message, deploy it, and analyze the results.

Setting Up an E-Mail Marketing Campaign

These are the general steps taken to set up an E-Mail marketing campaign.

  • Create a database of customers. You can buy it or can generate from your website backend. Embed the customer details such as contact information, client status, lead source, etc.

  • Create a newsletter. Put in the relevant information they may need. Set the subject line timings and frequency. Add discounts and bonus you offer.

  • Make it look eye-catchy, informational, and useful.

  • Mention deal expiry date and time.

  • Drop a link in email if necessary.

  • Buy servers capable enough to bear the load.

  • Test you email before you send it. Check all details, images, and links.

  • Deploy your newsletter.

  • Analyze the performance of E-mail advertise. For example, E-mail delivery rate, email opening rate, conversions etc.

Make sure you comply with anti-spam laws of that particular country.

Tracking an E-Mail Marketing Campaign

The essential metrics you should be tracking for E-Mail campaign are −

  • Click Through Rate − It gives you clear view of how many people engage with your mail and are interested in what you offer.

  • Conversion Rate − It helps you know, to what extent you are able to achieve your goals.

  • Bounce Rate − It lets you know how many consider you as a spammer of worth time wasting.

  • Subscribers’ Growth Rate − It lets you decide how much you are able to extend your reach.

  • Email Forwarding Rate − The more is the rate the more interested are your customers.

  • Overall ROI − The gist of tracking is how many leads you are able to generate through your campaigns.

You can also keep a track of open rate and unsubscribed rate. This may even help you to predict audience behavior.