OBIEE – Filters

Filters are used to limit the results that are displayed when an analysis is run, so that the results answer a particular question. Based on the filters, only those results are shown that matches the criteria passed in the filter condition.

Filters are applied directly to attribute and measure columns. Filters are applied before the query is aggregated and affect the query and thus the resulting values for measures.

For example, you have a list of members in which the aggregate sums to 100. Over time, more members meet the set filter criteria, which increases the aggregate sum to 200.

Column Filters

Following are the ways to create filters −

Create a Named Column Filter

Go to Oracle Business Intelligence homepage → New menu → Select filter. The Select Subject Area dialog is displayed.

From the Select Subject Area dialog, choose the subject area for which you want to create a filter. The "Filter editor" is displayed from the "Subject Areas pane". Double-click the column for which you want to create the filter. New Filter dialog is displayed.

Create an Inline Filter

Either create an analysis or access an existing analysis for which you want to create a filter.

Click the Criteria tab → Locate the "Filters pane" → Click create a filter for the current subject area button. The analysis selected columns are displayed in the cascading menu.

Select a column name from the menu or select the More Columns option to access the “Select Column dialog" from which you can select any column from the subject area.

Once you select a column, the "New Filter dialog" is displayed.