OBIEE – Architecture

OBIEE Architecture involves various BI system components which are required to process the end user’s request.

How OBIEE System Actually Works?

The initial request from the end user is sent to the Presentation server. The Presentation server converts this request in logical SQL and forwards it to BI server component. BI server converts this into physical SQL and sends it to database to get the required result. This result is presented to the end user through the same way.

The following diagram shows detailed OBIEE Architecture −

OBIEE Architecture contains Java and non-Java components. Java components are Web Logic Server components and non-Java components are called Oracle BI system component.

OBIEE System

Web Logic Server

This part of OBIEE system contains Admin Server and Managed Server. Admin server is responsible for managing the start and stop processes for Managed server. Managed Server comprises of BI Plugin, Security, Publisher, SOA, BI Office, etc.

Node Manager

Node Manager triggers the auto start, stop, restart activities and provides process management activities for Admin and Managed server.

Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server (OPMN)

OPMN is used to start and stop all components of BI system. It is managed and controlled by Fusion Middleware Controller.

Oracle BI System Components

These are non-Java components in an OBIEE system.

Oracle BI Server

This is the heart of Oracle BI system and is responsible for providing data and query access capabilities.

BI Presentation Server

It is responsible to present data from BI server to web clients which is requested by the end users.


This component provides scheduling capability in BI system and it has its own scheduler to schedule jobs in OBIEE system.

Oracle BI Java Host

This is responsible for enabling BI Presentation server to support various Java tasks for BI Scheduler, Publisher and graphs.

BI Cluster Controller

This is used for load balancing purposes to ensure that the load is evenly assigned to all BI server processes.