Nokia is back with smartphones. Do you think they will regain their market?

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Nokia has traveled a long way from a single paper mill operation to the revolutionizing of cellular phones. It all began in 1865. Since then Nokia has found success in several sectors they have ventured in over years. Nokia has been in the business of producing telecommunications equipment since the 1880's (since the invention of the telephone).

By 1998, Nokia was the world leader in mobile phones. It was at that position for over a decade. The company joined forces with Microsoft for the betterment of the company. Three years later Nokia was sold to Microsoft (most of the devices and services).

But the Nokia we knew redeemed its integrity as HMD global and continued doing various projects. They now have the right access to produce and sell phones with the branding "NOKIA".

Now in 2017 Nokia is all set to make a comeback with three proper Android phones. They were revealed at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.

Nokia is known for their service which is highly trustable, as these new phones are ranged at Mid-price, The targeted customers are normal middle-class people who have been trusting Nokia over the years. People would love to check out their new product and as we all know NOKIA is known for its long durability and well-built design. Nokia would give a tough competition to the Chinese Android phones which are presently ruling the market.

Nokia is launching Android in three different variants:

  • Nokia 6
  • Nokia 5
  • Nokia 3

The specifications of the phones are on par or a bit better than the present phones in the market. So there would be no doubt in saying that Nokia is going to yet again change the game of mobile phones in the market and rule the market as it used to do a decade ago.

Updated on 05-May-2022 07:33:42