Natural Language Toolkit Tutorial

Natural Language Toolkit Tutorial

Language is a method of communication with the help of which we can speak, read and write. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the sub field of computer science especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is concerned about enabling computers to understand and process human language. We have various open-source NLP tools but NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit) scores very high when it comes to the ease of use and explanation of the concept. The learning curve of Python is very fast and NLTK is written in Python so NLTK is also having very good learning kit. NLTK has incorporated most of the tasks like tokenization, stemming, Lemmatization, Punctuation, Character Count, and Word count. It is very elegant and easy to work with.


This tutorial will be useful for graduates, post-graduates, and research students who either have an interest in NLP or have this subject as a part of their curriculum. The reader can be a beginner or an advanced learner.


The reader must have basic knowledge about artificial intelligence. He/she should also be aware of basic terminologies used in English grammar and Python programming concepts.