Nagios - Products

Nagios contains various products as discussed in detail below −

Nagios XI

It provides monitoring for complete IT infrastructure components like applications, services, network, operating systems etc. It gives a complete view of your infrastructure and business processes. The GUI is easily customizable giving the used flexibility. The standard edition of this tool costs $1995 and enterprise edition costs $3495.

Nagios Core

It is the core on monitoring IT infrastructure. Nagios XI product is also fundamentally based on Nagios core. Whenever there is any issue of failure in the infrastructure, it sends an alert/notification to the admin who can take the action quickly to resolve the issue. This tool is absolutely free.

Nagios Log Server

It makes searching of log data very simple and easy. It keeps all the log data at one location with high availability setup. It can easily send alerts if any issue is found in the log data. It can scale to 1000s of severs giving more power, speed, storage, and reliability to your log analysis platform. The price of this tool depends on the number of instances - 1 Instance $3995, 2 Instances $4995, 3 Instances $5995, 4 Instances $6995, 10 Instances $14995.

Nagios Fusion

This product provides a centralized view of complete monitoring system. With Nagios Fusion, you scan setup separate monitoring servers for separate geographies. It can be easily integrated with Nagios XI and Nagios core to give the complete visibility of the infrastructure. This tools costs $2495.

Nagios Network Analyser

It gives the complete information of the network infrastructure to the admin with the potential threats on the network so that admin can take quick actions. It shares very detailed data about the network after in-depth network analysis. This tools costs $1995.