Nagios - Case Study

In this chapter, let us look into case studies of two organizations that have successfully implemented Nagios.

Bitnetix with Nagios

Bitnetix in an IT consulting organization which is into networking, datacenter, monitoring and Voice over IP. Through their offerings, they make small businesses look big. Their solutions help you in managing customer relationships in a better way by increasing more engagement and improving their satisfaction. They say they are in business of communication, hence communicating right message to their customers at the right time is very important for them.

Bitnetix was working with a customer who were into Email Marketing. They used to monitor AWS servers which were dynamically allocated and were responsible to deliver thousands of emails to customers. They were using Nagios core earlier but wanted to move to new Nagios XI and integrate with chef with zero downtime. There were challenges in moving live status configuration on Nagios core to appropriate checks in Nagios XI. But with Nagios, they were able to setup Nagios XI configuration file with chef integrated. They were able to move all the customers from Nagios core to Nagios XI with Zero downtime. Nagios XI was also able to integrate with PagerDuty for sending instant notifications.

EverWatch.gobal with Nagios is an IT management and consulting organization which helps non-profit and small/medium organizations. Its headquarter is based in Rochester, New York. They have won numerous awards for their work with Nagios. was working with an ecommerce retail client with a billion-dollar annual revenue. They were responsible to keeping the website up and running at all the time, monitoring cart and checkout functionality, send notifications to necessary staff in case of defamation. The challenge was their client’s servers were located 500 miles from its headquarters in New York. For monitoring production, staging, quality assurance and development on the same platform, the configurations were supposed to be unique and similar for both areas.

With the help of Nagios, they were able to create ssh firewall rules for equipment and Network Operations Center. They were also able to perform checks for defamation occurrences and reduced false positives. By configuring event handlers in Nagios, the number of notifications drastically decreased. Nagios helped them by keeping their client’s website uptime to 98% annually from 85% annually, this was a huge success.

“In real dollar terms, the company was able to achieve almost $125,000,000 in additional sales as a result.” Eric Loyd, CEOEverWatch Global.