Nagios - Features

Nagios is the monitoring tool with multitude of features as given below −

  • Nagios Core is open source, hence free to use.

  • Powerful monitoring engine which can scale and manage 1000s of hosts and servers.

  • Comprehensive web dashboard giving the visibility of complete network components and monitoring data.

  • It has multi-tenant capabilities where multiple users have access to Nagios dashboard.

  • It has extendable architecture which can easily integrate with third-party applications with multiple APIs.

  • Nagios has a very active and big community with over 1 million + users across the globe.

  • Fast alerting system, sends alerts to admins immediately after any issue is identified.

  • Multiple plugins available to support Nagios, custom coded plugins can also be used with Nagios.

  • It has good log and database system storing everything happening on the network with ease.

  • Proactive Planning feature helps to know when it’s time to upgrade the infrastructure.