My college seniors are highly non-interactive. How to approach them on my own?

Choosing a good college is extremely important for your career in your stream. But the name of the college will not do any good if one is not able to utilize the brand value and learning in the college.

First of all, think again, “whether your college seniors are really introvert and non-interactive”? You should not simply think that they are egoistic without any solid basis. Remember that judging you should not be their business, similarly speculating what they are like should not be yours as well.

Now, the question is how to approach a senior if you are an introvert.

Firstly remember, he or she will not eat you up. Then why fear? You must not simply go and start speaking any thing. You should indeed go to them as per their convenient timings. For example, if you think that they have their exams going on and they might be studying, so it is better to wait for a few more days. But, if you do not think they might be too busy and would be able to take out some time for you, then why not approach them directly, humbly, and politely.

If you are an extrovert, this should not be difficult for you. Go and offer help to them. This sounds crazy because we usually feel only we would be needing the help of these seniors. Well, it is not always the case. There are many cultural and academic events in the college, which may need a volunteer base, You can help your seniors in this. Because, if you do good, people automatically remember you.

A person’s life and career depend on the education he or she gets, and most importantly the institution from where the education has been attained. Try to make your college life memorable always. You never know what help you might get from a senior and it would be a learning experience forever.