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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - In reference to Home Rule League Movement, consider the following statements:

1. Tilak’s League was started in April 1916.

2. Besant’s League was started in September 1917.

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

A - Only 1

B - Only 2

C - Both

D - Neither 1 nor 2

Answer : A


Besant’s League was started in September 1916.

Q 2 - Indian Press Act was passed in …

A - 1918

B - 1913

C - 1908

D - 1910

Answer : D


The Act imposed strict censorship on all kinds of publications.

Q 3 - Gandhi Ji launched the Champaran Satyagraha in …

A - 1912

B - 1913

C - 1916

D - 1918

Answer : C



Q 4 - In whose viceroyalty, the All India Kisan Sabha was founded?

A - Lord Willingdon

B - Lord Linlithgow

C - Lord Wavell

D - Lord Irwin

Answer : A


All India Kisan Sabha was founded in 1936.

Answer : A


Ahmadiya Movement was founded in 1889.

Q 6 - In 1942, who among the following had captured almost ten police stations in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh?

A - Chittu Pande

B - Mangal Pande

C - Jittu Pande

D - Captain Mohan Singh

Answer : A


Chittu Pande called himself Gandhian.

Q 7 - Who among the following Viceroys had repealed the Vernacular Press Act?

A - Lord Ripon

B - Lord Dufferin

C - Lord Lansdowne

D - Lord Elgin II

Answer : A


The Vernacular Press Act was repealed in 1882.

Q 8 - The magazine, Mirat-ul-Akbar, was started by …

A - Raja Rammohan Roy

B - Dwarkanath Tagore

C - Henry Vivian Derozio

D - Sisirkumar Ghose

Answer : A


Mirat-ul-Akbar was started in 1822.

Q 9 - Who among the following had signed the treaty of Lahore with Sikh?

A - Lord Harding

B - Dalhousie

C - Canning

D - Auckland

Answer : A


Treat of Lahore was signed after the First Anglo-Sikh War (1846).

Answer : C


It was started in Berlin.