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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Which among the following Acts had introduced federation and provincial autonomy?

A - Government of India Act, 1919

B - Indian Councils Act of 1909

C - Indian Councils Act of 1892

D - Government of India Act, 1935

Answer : D



Q 2 - In whose viceroyalty, Cabinet Mission was proposed?

A - Lord Willingdon

B - Lord Linlithgow

C - Lord Wavell

D - Lord Irwin

Answer : C


Cabinet Mission was proposed in 1946.

Q 3 - Radhaswami Movement was founded by …

A - Tulsi Ram

B - S. S. Bengali

C - Naoroji Furdonji

D - R. G. Bhandarkar

Answer : A


This Movement was started in 1861.

Q 4 - Which among the following Acts, opened the Indian Civil Services for Indians as well?

A - Act of 1858

B - Charter Act of 1853

C - Charter Act of 1813

D - Charter Act of 1833

Answer : B


This Act also had given legislature the right to frame its own rules of procedure.

Answer : D


E. V. Ramaswami Naicker initiated Self-Respect Movement in 1925 in Tamil Nadu.

Q 6 - In reference to 1857 revolt, who was the leader of Lucknow?

A - General Bakht Khan

B - Nana Saheb

C - Begum Hazrat Mahal

D - Kunwar Singh

Answer : C



Q 7 - Who among the following was popular as ‘Nightingale of India?’

A - Lata Mangeshkar

B - Sarojini Naidu

C - Asha Bhosale

D - Kamala Nehru

Answer : B


Sarojini Naidu was the first governor of the United Provinces of Oudh and Agra.

Q 8 - Reference to Gandhi Ji’s agitation, arrange the following in chronology …

1. Champaran Satyagraha

2. Kheda Satyagraha

3. Ahmedabad Satyagraha

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

A - 1, 2, 3

B - 2, 1, 3

C - 3, 2, 1

D - 1, 3, 2

Answer : A


Champaran Satyagraha (1916), Kheda Satyagraha (1918), and Ahmedabad Satyagraha (1918).

Q 9 - Under whose governorship, the Universities of Calcutta, Madras, and Bombay were established?

A - Lord Harding

B - Dalhousie

C -Canning

D - Auckland

Answer : C


The Universities of Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras were set up in 1857.

Q 10 - In reference to Wavell Plan, Consider the following statements:

1. The Plan proposed that the caste Hindus and Muslims were to have equal presentation.

2. The Plan proposed that the Governor-general was to exercise his veto on the advice of ministers.

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

A - Only 1

B - Only 2

C - Both

D - Neither 1 nor 2

Answer : C


Wavell Plan came in May 1945.